Kylie Jenner: Smoking Weed Topless on Instagram?!

Kylie Jenner: Smoking Weed Topless on Instagram?!

The ladies of the Kardashian/Jenner clan have been on the receiving end of their fair share of criticism over the years, but most of the controversies have involved sex tapes, racy selfies, and the like.

They usually leave the hard-partying to the men in their lives, and Scott Disick and Lamar Odom have proven that they’re up to the task by ingesting enough substances for the rest of the family combined.

But today, Kylie Jenner proved that sometimes girls just want to have fun, too – and in her case it seems that means taking page from Rihanna’s book and smoking weed in the nude.

Kylie posted the above pic to Instagram today, and as you can see, she appears to be enjoying a naked wake and bake.

As usual, most of the comments on Kylie’s pic are from teens promising to like your photos in exchange for liking theirs.

The Internet is a strange, strange place.

Anyway, there are also some comments that actually have to do with the photo, and it seems KJ’s latest artsy selfie is drawing a mixed response from fans.

« This must be why smoking weed is ‘cool’, » wrote one user who has apparently never listened to any music recorded after 1960.

« This makes me so incredibly happy you have no idea, » wrote PrettyGreenPrincess, seemingly expressing a much more common sentiment.

Kylie has never admitted to any drinking or drug use, but she lives in Southern California; she’s dating a rapper; and she doesn’t have to work a real job.

Aside from actually morphing into Jeff Bridges’ character in the Big Lebowski, we don’t think Kylie could send much more of a clear message with her lifestyle.

This appears to be her way of confirming that she enjoys the occasional toke, but then again, we’ve thought Kylie was coming out as a pothead at least twice in the past, and each time it turned out not to be the case.

After a Snapchat video that appeared to show stoned Kylie having a laugh with friends appeared online back in 2015, the reality star issued a firm denial and clarified that she was just really hyped to be trying Popeye’s chicken for the first time.

(In fairness, that is some good-ass chicken.)

Shortly thereafter, a photo that appeared to show Kylie wearing a pot leaf necklace popped up on Instagram, but was deleted shortly thereafter.

So it’s possible that Kylie will once again come out and assure her fans that she’s living clean and sober.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for Kylizzle at your local dispensary.

She’ll be the one getting out of the car that costs more than the house you grew up in.

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Josh & Anna Duggar: Did They Decide to Divorce at Jinger’s Wedding?

Josh & Anna Duggar: Did They Decide to Divorce at Jinger’s Wedding?

It’s been weeks since we’ve had any update on the once-persistent Josh and Anna Duggar divorce rumors, but that doesn’t mean the troubled couple has managed to patch things up.

Back in early February, Josh and Anna responded to the rumors through a family spokesperson, who released a statement assuring fans that reports of their marriage coming to an and were « absolutely not true. »

Since issuing that denial, the couple has remained silent on the subject, despite the fact that a number of new rumors have emerged that all seem to point to an impending breakup.

The first round of reports claimed Josh and Anna were separating as a result of a damaging new lawsuit that – according to The Daily Mail magazine – threatened to reveal the couple’s « filthiest secrets. »

Considering some of the secrets we’ve already heard about Josh, outmatching them in terms of filthiness would be no mean feat.

Now, a new report from the Inquisitr suggests that Josh and Anna decided to part ways on the weekend that Jinger Duggar got married to Jeremy Vuolo.

There’s no word on what might have sparked the decision, but the wedding was one of the last times that Josh and Anna were spotted together in public.

Did Josh behave inappropriately?

Did the feeling that she was being judged by hundreds of guests lead Anna to the conclusion that it was time to cut her perverted husband loose?

The first possibility seems unlikely, as Josh successfully concealed his first round of affairs and flirtations for several years.

But there may be something to that second explanation, as Anna has admitted to struggling with how she’s perceived by family and friends since welcoming Josh back into her life.

Whatever the case, a family insider recently told Perez Hilton that 

“Anna hasn’t told Josh she wants a divorce, but a friend of hers put her in touch with a lawyer and Anna has spoken to the lawyer on the phone,” a source close to the Duggar family said, according to Perez Hilton.

The source adds that Anna is nervous about proceeding, as divorce is strictly forbidden in the Duggars’ religious community:

“She’s been putting off meeting them for some time because she was terrified of being spotted at their office, but she is now finally ready to make the move and will be visiting the attorney in the next week or so. »

Josh was the first of his siblings to get married, and now it sounds like he might be the first to endure an ugly, high-profile divorce.

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy!

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Rachel Dolezal: Totally Broke and Nearly Homeless!

Rachel Dolezal: Totally Broke and Nearly Homeless!

Hey, remember Rachel Dolezal?

Of course you do — as long as you live, you will never be able to forget that white woman who built her entire life around pretending to be black.

Rachel was the president of her local NAACP chapter and she also taught African-American studies at a university, but that all fell apart when her parents began letting people know that she’s actually white.

Her story went viral with a hilariously uncomfortable interview in which she was asked if she was white. She said that she didn’t understand the question, then just bolted.

She maintained for a long time that she’s a black woman — and she still does.

But the issue these days is that holding onto that false identity is pretty much destroying her life.

Rachel Dolezal: NAACP Leader Accused of Pretending to be Black

Rachel did a lengthy interview with the Guardian to promote her upcoming book, titled In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World.

And boy, is it a doozy.

Rachel says that she is currently unemployed, and that she’s applied for 100 different jobs, but no one will hire her. Well, almost no one: she admits that she’s gotten offers in reality television and porn.

Things are so bad that while a friend helped her pay rent for February, she thinks she’ll probably end up homeless this month.

She had to submit her memoir to at least 30 different publishers before anyone would agree to print it.

Rachel Dolezal Finally Confesses: I’m White!

« The narrative was that I’d offended both communities in an unforgivable way, » she explains, « so anybody who gave me a dime would be contributing to wrong and oppression and bad things. To a liar and a fraud and a con. »

Well …

Still, Rachel says that she wrote her book « to set the record straight, » but also « to open up this dialogue about race and identity, and to just encourage people to be exactly who they are. »

She had a rough childhood: she claims that her parents used to beat her and her older brother, and that the first time she ever truly felt love was when her parents adopted four babies when she was 15. Three were African-American, and one was Haitian.

She says she was the primary caretaker for all the new babies, and that as they grew up, « I began to see the world through black eyes. »

Rachel Dolezal: My Parents Can’t Prove They’re My Parents!

About the black vs. white struggle, or her struggle, anyway, she says that « I do think a more complex label would be helpful, but we don’t really have that vocabulary. I feel like the idea of being trans-black would be much more accurate than ‘I’m white.’ Because you know, I’m not white. »

But would she ever consider dropping the « trans-black » thing? Even if just to stop rubbing so many people the wrong way?

« No, » she insists. « This is still home to me. I didn’t feel like I’m ever going to be hurt so much that I somehow leave who I am, because I’m me. It really is who I am. It’s not a choice. »

Sure, Rachel. Sure.

Un ouvrier essaie de soulever son corps en ayant ses pieds dans des seaux (Royaume-Uni)

Un ouvrier essaie de soulever son corps en ayant ses pieds dans des seaux (Royaume-Uni)
vidéo seau soulever corps blague ouvrier defi pied
Dans un garage au Royaume-Uni, un ouvrier peut gagner 20£ s’il réussit à soulever son corps en ayant ses deux pieds dans des seaux.

Cet article Un ouvrier essaie de soulever son corps en ayant ses pieds dans des seaux (Royaume-Uni) est apparu en premier sur

Kristen Stewart: Is That Really Her in V Magazine?!?

Kristen Stewart: Is That Really Her in V Magazine?!?

Kristen Stewart is featured in the latest issue of V Magazine.

At least we think Kristen Stewart is featured in the latest issue of V Magazine.

Photographed by the legendary Mario Testino in a bright purple and blue Chanel ensemble, flames aloft on the backdrop behind her, Stewart is front and center for the publication’s « Free Spirit » issue.

And she looks almost nothing like herself on the cover:

Among the topics Stewart delves into as part of this cover story is iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld.

The two have worked together for a number of years now.

« Karl has always, from the very beginning, made me feel like being myself was the right thing to do. And in [the fashion] world, that is a rarity, » Stewart explains.

« He’s a compulsive and obsessive artist and it’s contagious. And he’s kind. He is who he is for a reason. I feel so lucky to be in his space so often. »

Stewart will next be seen in the film Personal Shopper, a thriller that is scheduled to hit theaters on March 10 and which centers on our relationship with new forms of communication.

It’s a meaningful theme to the former Twilight Saga star.

« When you speak to someone on the phone, that is a decipherable, understandable exchange, » says Stewart to V.

« But with text and social media, it’s essentially a dialogue with yourself and your interpretation of a shadow. It’s not invalid; it’s a new language. » 

Stewart continues to distance herself more and more from the role of Bella Swan that made her famous.

It made her famous among teenagers around the world, but this star has loftier goals in mind.

She’s hoping to reach a larger audience.

Last month, for example, Stewart won rave reviews for her Saturday Night Live hosting debut, actually cursing in her monologue and taunting Donald Trump.

She openly talked about her ex-boyfriend, Robert Pattinson.

She told the entire world that she’s gay.

She seemed a little nervous and anxious, but she also came across like more of an open book than she ever had before.

« For six years, I’ve just been being a total wuss about it and then I finally was like, at some point, you just have to bite the bullet, you know? » Stewart said of the hosting gig, adding that even if one is to fail…

« It will make you stronger, man. »

Kristen Stewart Makes Fun of Trump, Drops F Bomb on Saturday Night Live!

This issue of V hits newsstands on March 9.

Pick up a copy to learn more about Stewart and check out a segment from her Saturday Night Live hosting appearance above.